41-Year-Old Psychiatric Patient, Chained and Isolated for 10+ Years Due to Lack of Financial Support

Whenever we are sick or not feeling well, usually our family is the first people that will take care of us but this family is far different from the usual families that we encounter.

Wang Zhiqiang, 41, spent his 10 years in chains and was locked up in a tiny room outside his mother’s house.

Image: Next Shark

He was born deaf and mute. He was reportedly placed in lonely confinement near their home located in Denfeng, Henan Province after he started showing signs of having psychological issues.

According to Next Shark, when he was younger, his parents had sent him to a special boarding school for children with special needs. Though he was observed to be a smart kid, he suffered trauma after he was constantly bullied at the school. As soon as he showed signs of a severe mental health condition, he was considered a danger to other people.

Talking to reporters, his 77-year-old mother, Yue Rong, recalled that he wasn’t able to go to school and his condition got worse while staying at home.

Due to insufficient finances, his family made the very hard decision to keep him restrained and isolated.

Image: Next Shark

When his father was still alive, he was the one taking care of him but after his dad passed away 12 years ago, Rong couldn’t take care of him alone which forced her to keep him chained in a tiny stone building near their house.

It reached a point where he was attacking other villagers. I had no choice but to chain him up and lock him in the room. It’s been more than 10 years,” Rong added.

Wang’s family currently receives monthly subsidies from the local government; however, this is not enough to send Wang to a psychiatric hospital.

Ding Yanfang, Xuanhua village’s party secretary made a public plea to help them raise enough funds to help Wang for his necessary treatments.