42-Day-Old Baby Saves the Lives of a 5-Month-Old Girl and a Young Adult through Organ Donation

A 42-day-old baby had become the youngest lung donor in the United Kingdom after his organs were donated to a 5-month-old girl who was diagnosed with a rare illness wherein her lungs did not form properly.

According to Yahoo! News, Theodore Omondi contracted a sudden illness a little over a month after he was born. Sadly, the boy died. But his parents decided to donate what healthy organs he had in his body to save lives – and he was able to save two people!

Theo’s lungs went to Imogen Bolton who was then 5 months old while his kidneys were donated to a young adult.

Imogen’s parents had nearly lost hope that they would find a donor for their daughter’s lungs but Theo was heaven sent. The brave baby underwent a 7-hour operation and would become UK’s youngest double lung transplant patient.

Photo credit: PA / Yahoo! News

Theo’s parents were deeply devastated over the death of their son but also thankful that, somehow, he had become a hero and lifesaver to these two people.

We believe he would have wanted to help others if he had been able to grow up and make the decision himself.

We are proud of what Theo could do not just for Imogen, but also for a young adult who now runs their body with his two tiny kidneys. We know that every breath Imogen takes is a breath for our son,” his parents said.

Every birthday Imogen celebrates is also a celebration of Theo’s birth. We imagine how perhaps someday Imogen and Theo can blow out his birthday candles together.

Meanwhile, Imogen’s parents Hayley and Jason Bolton were eternally grateful to Theo’s parents for their decision to donate his organs.

They said, “There are no words to express how grateful we are to Theo’s family for the amazing decision they made, which has saved our Beautiful Imogen’s life. Without their incredible gift, Imogen wouldn’t be here.

Theo lives on through Imogen, and when she hits her different milestones our family will be celebrating not one life but two.

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Yahoo! News

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