43-Year-Old Man Feels Proud to Be “Zimbabwe’s Ugliest Man”, Expresses Determination to Keep His Title

“Be proud of what God gave you.”

These are some of the words of wisdom we often hear when it comes to self-appreciation and uplifting the self-confidence.

One person in Zimbabwe is living proof that we should be proud of ourselves. William Masvinu, 43, who came all the way from Epworth, was hailed Mr Ugly 2017 and he is very proud of his award. In fact, it’s his fourth title.

Winning an ugly contest is just like preparing for a beauty competition. He is currently preparing himself for the world competition in Mr Ugly that will be taking place next year in South Africa.

Image: Oddity Central

Last 2015, he lost the title to Maison Sere and 2016’s competition was cancelled. Luckily, William was able to regain his title for this year’s competition.

“Last time, complacency cost me a lot, but this time I came well prepared for the contest and I am happy I have reclaimed my trophy, no one can dispute that I am the ugliest person in Zimbabwe. I now want to take my ugliness outside the country. If there is Mr Ugly World, I am confident I will bring the crown to Zimbabwe,” William said in an interview stated in Oddity Central.

Image: Oddity Central

According to Oddity Central, people suggested a rally to protest because of his monopoly of the title. They said that he should be stopped from entering the future contest so that others can have a chance of winning.

If you think this is just a funny competition, well, William won $500, the title and a cow. Runner-up Fanuel Musekiwa won $200.