43-Year-Old South Korean Actress Stuns Everyone for Looking Just Half Her Age

Koreans are known for their youthful looks and amazing skin. Just like this South Korean actress who looks half her age. If you will meet her for the first time, you would probably be mistaken about her age because of her youthful face and slim body, like that of a 20-year-old girl.

Standing 5ft 9inches, supermodel and actress Han Go Eun just turned 43 and everyone was stunned because it appears that she doesn’t age at all.

Han rose to fame in the entertainment industry after winning the prestigious Super Elite Model Contest in 1995. Since then she appeared on the cover of several hot magazines in the early years of her modeling career and was seen in a number of music videos in the 1990s.

She became an actress in 1995 for a television series “LA Arirang” and had her acting debut in the film, City of the Rising Sun.

In 2001, singer and heartthrob Joon Park, the main member of popular boy band G.O.D, and Han became a couple; unfortunately, they ended their relationship in 2003.

Image from Next Shark

In 2015, she got married to a corporate employee who was 4 years younger than her. Since then she kept most of her private life a secret but she was very generous in sharing her beauty regime on how to stay looking young.

In various interviews, she kept mentioning that she stays healthy by going on regular checkups with her doctor, eating plenty of vegetables, and getting enough sleep.

In her interview with Koreaboo, she recommended light salad when on a diet but she adviced not to use any salad dressing.

“I haven’t eaten a single salad drenched in dressing since I was 21 years old,” she said.

Image from Next Shark

It might be tasteless but she claims that it helped her maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle for over 10 years.

Aside from maintaining a healthy diet, she also said that she uses different weights and dumbbells after stretching and breathing. She added that since she turned 30, she’s been working out 3 hours daily on weekdays and 6 hours daily during weekends.