48-Year-Old Woman in UK, Legally Banned from Singing After Neighbors Complained She Sounds like a ‘Drowning Cat’

When we are at the comforts of our homes, we can do everything that we want without experiencing any judgment from other people; we can party, dance, act and sing on top of our lungs confidently, with no touch of pretension.

However, there might be a possibility that people would hear or see us when we do it but hopefully, they won’t mind us and will realize that we’re just having fun.

But that’s not the case with this woman in the UK. She was legally banned from singing and playing loud music in her apartment after her neighbors complained that she sounded like a ‘drowning cat’. Uh oh!

Image: Pixabay

Heather Webb, 48, was reported by her neighbors in her apartment building for singing for at least about 4 years.

Way back in 2014 when her neighbors filed anti-social behavior forms and sent them to the local council, she only received a community protection warning.  In 2016, her neighbors again complained about her loud and disturbing singing; unfortunately, no action was taken against her.

The 2-year-order restricts Webb from ‘engaging in conduct which causes alarm or distress’ and also banned her from ‘playing music, singing, shouting or creating noise at a volume which can be heard outside her property’.

We wonder how disturbing her noise is?

Despite the ordinance, this didn’t stop her from doing what she loves to do – singing and playing music. However, in January and February of this year, some of her neighbors presented audio proof of that.

Paul Burford lives 40 meters from Webb’s apartment. He used a smartphone app to record her singing and sent it to the local council as evidence. According to him, the singing occurred at 8:30 am on February 7 and described her singing ‘like a drowning cat, to be honest’.

Another neighbor who lives two floors above Webb’s apartment said that on January 8, she was watching TV with her headphones on but she could still hear Webb’s singing.

However, during the court hearing on May 5th, prosecutor Nicola Pope told magistrates that police already interviewed Webb on February 12 and said that she didn’t recall singing on January 8 and February 7, as too much time had passed. She also explained that she had gone to ‘great lengths’ to close her windows and amend things.

The judge found Heather Webb guilty of breaching the order on three separate occasions and a ‘no bail’ warrant was issued for her arrest.

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