49-Year-Old Chinese Man Spent 10 Years Living Under the Bridge, Trying to Crack the Lottery Code

Forty nine-year-old Wang Chengzhou lives in South West China. He spent the past decade living under the bridge and trying to break the lottery code. He used to work in a construction in Sichuan, Province and later moved to Chongqing in 2008 after suffering a work-related injury.

He received a compensation worth 50,000 yuan (around $7,935) from his previous employer which he spent on his obsession.

Some of you might think that his obsession is alcohol or *****, well, he has a different obsession.

Image: Oddity Central

He has an obsession with cracking the lottery code. In fact, his obsession made him cut off all communication with his family and settle to live under a bridge where he has been working hard figuring the algorithms behind the lottery.

According to Oddity Central, after 10 years in persevering, he claimed to crack the secret to getting rich. Wow!

In an interview with Chengdu Business Daily, he said that this obsession started in 2004 during a drinking session; he saw the winning numbers and was convinced that there was a mathematical reasoning behind them.

Image: Oddity Central

He added that he spends around 2,000 yuan ($312) on lottery tickets every month and stays awake up to 2 and 5 in the morning counting the tickets and calculating. Though he didn’t have a stable job, it seems like he was not bothered by it because all that he wants is to crack the code.

Wang’s 76-year-old mother, Feng Jiafen, hadn’t heard from him in years; the last thing that they heard about him is he was working on a site in Yunnan. They later knew about his obsession when he went viral on social media.

“I have mastered the lottery algorithms,” he said.

Image: Oddity Central

But he refused to show the reporters any proof of his claims and said that this would only be available in books. He plans to publish a four-book series that has all the details in the mathematics behind the lottery algorithm.

But if you think that he would use the technique himself when playing the lottery, you got it all wrong because what’s most important for him was to publish his book series and make money in that way believing that he would make millions once the books are released.