5 Mysterious People Who are Believed to Be Travelers from Other Dimensions…This Gives Me Goosebumps!

Today, there are hundreds of stories pertaining to mysterious and unexplained events yet nothing fascinates me more than the tales of people who are believed to be travelers from other dimensions or those who appear to come from a different timeline than the period they appeared in.

Their appearance in these places is already a mystery but the stories they had to tell, the language they use in speaking, their behavior, and the clothes they are wearing add to the aura of mystique.

All these stories are creepy but the strange woman who appeared in Hitachi, Japan in 1803 is one I find most disturbing. Just imagine how crazy it must have been for the locals to discover a woman riding a strange sea-craft which looks like something they have never seen before. It did not help that she did not speak their language and had acted so weirdly that the locals decided to send her back to sea! Uh oh…

Check out the rest of these mystery stories in this video created by Dark 5: