5-Year-Old and 3-Year-Old ‘Steal’ Car to Drive to Grandma’s House But Meets Accident at Intersection Near Their House

Two kids, aged 5 and 3, wanted to go to their grandma’s house so badly that they took the keys from their sleeping mom, climbed up her pickup truck, and tried to drive to their beloved granny’s house – but they were only just a few meters away from their own home when they met an accident at a nearby intersection.

The kids, whose names are withheld for privacy reasons, managed to actually driver the pickup truck but because they could hardly see above the wheel or even reach the pedals with ease, they crashed into a Volvo at the intersection.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News
Photo credit: Yahoo! News

Both kids were safe but the driver of the Volvo suffered some minor cuts and bruises – and both vehicles suffered some major damages.

When asked why they were not accompanied by an adult, the two readily admitted that they ‘stole’ their mother’s car as they wanted to visit their grandmother. They also told the authorities that their mom was sleeping that’s why they drove away without her.

The kids won’t be facing any charges but their mom will surely need to explain why the kids were able to leave the house and drive away to grandma’s house – for they could have been killed in the crash!

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Yahoo! News

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