5-Year-Old Boy Hugs Mom’s Coffin, Feeling Confused Why She Wouldn’t Wake Up or Sleep Beside Him… So Heartbreaking

Khayne Kheian Naelgas Castro is 5 years old. Young as he is, he could not understand why his ‘sleeping’ mother would not wake up or sleep beside him; he could not understand why she had to stay in a special box which only shows half her body; he could not understand that she’s already dead and would never wake up no matter how hard he tries to make her get up and hug him.

In a heartbreaking post that has since gone viral on Facebook, family member Marichu Gabriel (Chuchubelles Gabrielle) shared how the young lad took a chair so he could reach the top of his mother’s coffin and ‘hug’ her. Marichu revealed that Kheian’s mom, Kaye Angeles Naelgas-Castro, died while giving birth to her youngest son, Cyril Khayzer who is also fighting for his life at the moment.

After Kaye died, Khayzer had to be rushed to a bigger hospital away from their local hospital in San Jose, Mindoro Occidental in the Philippines. The family is hoping that little Khayzer would make it, despite his critical condition.

How do you explain when your little kid asks “bakit di ko katabi na matulog si Mama?? “…. So heartbreaking…


Posted by Chuchubelles Gabrielle on Saturday, June 25, 2016

Marichu’s Facebook post has since gone viral, with hundreds of people offering their condolences and praying that the boy will eventually understand the situation. Poor child…

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