5-Year-Old Girl Says ‘Yes’ to ‘Proposal’ from a 29-Year-Old Man

An unusual proposal happened when a 29-year old man asked a 5-year-old girl for her sweet ‘yes’. It was one of the happiest moments of the man thinking he would spend his entire life with the little girl.  But it’s not what you think…

The girl accepted him as her new daddy and their beautiful  story began the moment she, her mommy, and her new daddy came together to complete a happy family.  Their story will make you fall in love again.

Grant Tribbett and Cassandra Rescha had known each other through Facebook. They started as friends and eventually became lovers. Seven months later, he proposed.

The idea that Cassandra had a daughter was not a secret for Grant so he knew loving Cassandra would mean loving her daughter, too.  That was when the double proposal happened simultaneously.

Photo : Mandi Gilliland

It was in the morning of May 27 when Grant invited Cassandra and her daughter, Adrianna, for a breakfast date in Indiana. After breakfast they took a walk at the Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve.

When they reached the wooden bridge amidst the forest, Grant got down on one knee and proposed to  Cassandra.Brawling and crying, she accepted his proposal and hugged each other tight.

After which, Grant faced Adrianna and once again did his proposal this time, seeking the little girl’s approval to be her new daddy.  The little girl approved of it and burst out of joy saying, “I finally get a daddy, mommy. I finally get a daddy!

Photo : Mandi Gilliland

I have gotten to witness an attractive, charming bachelor become a positive, loving and utterly the most selfless father to my little girl,” Cassanda said while feeling so much love on her.

Photo : Cassandra Lynn/Facebook

It was just nice to know that their good friend Mandi Gilliland, who was hiding nearby, was able to capture their romantic moments. Love is in the air!

What can you say about the proposal?