50-Year-Old Woman Suffers from Severe Spinal Neuron Damage Due to Vegan Lifestyle for 30 Years

We have different ways of staying healthy; some exercise every day, some refrain from eating too many carbohydrates, and some transition into a vegan.

But who would have thought that these practices may turn our lives upside down?

Just like this woman from Wuhan, China. The 50-year-old woman was recently diagnosed with severe spinal neuron damage.

Image: World of Buzz

According to Oddity Central, she had been on a strict vegetarian diet for over 30 years. She turned to a vegetarian diet in her 20s in order to lose weight since she was obese. After seeing some drastic changes in her body, she decided to continue her diet for the rest of her life and was able to maintain her body weight.

“I stay away from meat and oily food. As such, my body weight dropped to 45kg and I’ve been maintaining this lifestyle for 30 years,” the woman said in an interview.

“Recently, I feel like my feet are uneven while walking, it feels like I’m stepping on some cotton. Plus, both my legs and hands often feel numb,” she added.

She then decided to go to a hospital in Wuhan, China’s Hubei province to get checked. After series of advanced tests, it shows that her spinal neurons were damaged which is a condition that is usually observed in diabetic or malnourished patients. After a thorough check-up, she was suffering from severe vitamin B12 deficiency.

Image: World of Buzz

Vitamin B12 is responsible for the neurological symptoms she has been exhibiting. The level of vitamin B12 in the woman body is only 10% of an average human.

A neurologist at the hospital told her that vitamin B12 helps protect and support the growth of neurons in the human body.

It’s true that turning into a vegetarian can help you lose weight but doctors encourage people to take vitamin B12 supplements or yeast extract since they are not consuming dairy or meat products.

We do hope that the story of this woman may serve as a warning to keep ourselves healthy and if we would change our diet, better consult a specialist to know the important details that we might miss.