57 Years Apart – A Boy and a Man Talk About Life… And its One of the Most Heartwarming Conversations Ever!

“Keep those friends going. And keep life going.”

It is hard to say whether anyone, young or old, truly knows the meaning of life–we all have our own perspectives and experiences. However, we all have something to share and offer, and advice to give to each other regarding life. What happens when two people, who are 57 years apart, ask each other life questions? What sort of advice could a 7-year-old have for a 64-year-old?

In this touching video by Irish-based video-content producer Facts., a young boy and an older man sit across from each other and proceed to ask each other the same questions — about life, love and growing up.

It is such a heartwarming video which gives us an insight into two completely contrasting worlds — from each perspective in a beautiful way. In this video, 7-year-old Shawn and 64-year-old Des were brought together to sit down and discuss the meaning of these amazing lives we are given from two completely different perspectives.

In the video, Shawn and Des are given cards with questions to ask each other about what growing old is like. And as their conversation goes on, the two get deeper with their discussion. Want to know about the things they talked about?

Be sure to watch the full video below:

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YouTube, Aplus

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