58-Year-Old Man in Thailand Admits to Having 120 Wives

Tambon Prasert is a 58-year-old head of Phromnee district located in Thailand’s Nakorn Nayok province who admits to reporters that he had taken over 100 wives – illegally. He is also a successful owner of a construction business and a well-known politician.

According to Oddity Central, his first marriage was when he was 17, his wife then was one or two years younger than him and they had three children. After that, he started marrying other women. He recalled that most of his wives were young women, all under 20 because he doesn’t like the older ones as they argue too much.

Image from Tribune

He still maintains the openness in all of his wives. Though people think that this set-up is very unusual, Tambon is still a gentleman. Whenever he takes a new wife, he would always inform her that he already has several others and would tell his other wives that he was planning to get married again.

In fact, 22 of his wives live near his home in Phromnee district while others are based all around Thailand.

“I respect them all. In every case, I asked their parents for permission to wed according to customs and traditions. All were properly wed at organized ceremonies.”

Image from Tribune

If you think taking care of 120 wives and 28 children is very difficult, Tambon has everything under control. He always provided his many families everything that they will be needing – buildings and houses for his wives that didn’t have one. If they didn’t have their own house, he will give some land and sort out everything for them so everyone will be happy.

Polygamy is not acceptable in Thailand and it is not yet clear if he will be facing any legal consequences for his practice.