6-Year-Old Boy Refuses to Leave Baby Brother after They Were Abandoned by Mom at the Roadside

In a heartbreaking proof of filial devotion, a 6-year-old boy refused to leave his baby brother after they were abandoned by their mother at a roadside in Thu Duc Youth Village, Vietnam.

The children, whose names have been withheld as they are minors, were left by their mother at 5AM by the roadside in front of a church. According to local commune worker Nhu Goc, the children’s mother told the kids that she was going to buy petrol from across the road but hours passed and she still did not return.

Photo credit: Facebook / TuanPhuong Vo

Concerned passersby asked the boy for their mother’s whereabouts but the young lad refused to leave his baby brother behind to look for his mother or find food. So, the kindhearted passersby gave the kids some food and water.

Hours passed and the woman still didn’t return, prompting the authorities to take over.

The baby was brought to the hospital so its condition can be checked, especially because the kids were exposed to the elements and were left hungry for several hours.

Photo credit: Facebook / TuanPhuong Vo

The baby has currently been taken to hospital but anyone who knows information about the parents of the child please contact the ward. We hope donors can help the baby. Why anyone can leave them like this we don’t know. There is a risk the boys could have been kidnapped and sold while they were vulnerable,” Goc revealed.

The authorities are hoping the children’s parents would come to their senses and take the kids back but steps are also being done to help the kids in case they were abandoned for good.

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