60-Year-Old Man Walks Home to Save Money to Buy Clothes for His Wife

There are so many things that seem impossible but we still do for the sake of love. A story of a man’s unconditional love for his wife melted the hearts of the netizens after his story went viral on social media.

Zhao Fangzi, 60, is a migrant worker from Henan, China. He walked 40 kilometers on foot to his home because the blizzard had shut down all bus services.

He decided to walk on foot because he doesn’t want to spend 200 yuan (around $31) on a cab or spend his night in a hotel room waiting for the blizzard to subside.

Image: World of Buzz

He makes around 2,000 yuan (around $317) a month as a construction worker so he knew that if he didn’t sacrifice, he would not be able to save enough money for his wife. According to World of Buzz, he also wants to save money to buy new clothes for his wife this coming Chinese New Year. This is what you call effort!

He told the local media that he doesn’t feel that cold.

Image: World of Buzz

Also, he mentioned that his employers owe him a back pay of 10,000 yuan (around $1,590) which the latter promised to pay him after Chinese New Year.

We’re just hoping that he would be able to get his backpay in time.

“Life is never easy, hope you get home safe,” one netizen commented.

But this would probably be his last journey on foot as he was going to retire and has no intentions of returning to Shanghai. He also mentioned that he has a pension and he’s already 60 years old.