60-Year-Old Man with Unbearable Itch in Private Parts, Hospitalized for Inserting 1-Meter Cable Inside

One of the most frustrating things in life is to reach the itch located in the hard-to-reach areas. It’s so annoying that sometimes you do drastic things just to relieve the itch.

A 60-year-old man from China took his itch too seriously but it made him end up in the hospital.

The man whose identity remained unknown tried to scratch an itch in his private member by inserting a one-metre-long cable into his urethra. Wait, what?

Image: World of Buzz

He used the 5mm-thick phone cable inside his male member because he was experiencing an extreme itch caused by his prostatitis or also known as swelling of the prostate gland.

His itch was relieved, thanks to the cords. Unfortunately, he then realized that he couldn’t pull out the cable. He later experienced bleeding as he tried to pull the cable out. He was rushed to Dalian Central Hospital in north-eastern Liaoning Province for further treatment.

No doubt, the medical staff were shocked to see the man walked with the cable still hanging from between his legs. Yikes!

Image: World of Buzz

The doctors who assisted him tried to pull it out, unfortunately, the cable was already stuck inside. After scanning his body, it seems like the cable already twisted his bladder and created a knot.

Dr. Gao Zhanfeng used a laser scalpel to cut the cable and burn through the knot. Luckily, he was saved from undergoing a surgery and didn’t suffer from any infections even though he had not sterilized the cables but only washed it under running water.