68-Year-Old Man Gains Praise for His Incredible Youthful Looks and Amazing Attitude

Hu Hai, 68, from Shanghai, China has been in the limelight not only for his youthful looks but also for his extremely jolly attitude.

He first made his way through the entertainment industry when he participated in a local talent show for senior citizens in Shanghai. Everyone was obviously surprised by how young he looks despite his age. Since then, he made appearances on television, magazines and modeling events.

Image: Oddity Central

In an interview, Hu Hai revealed how he maintained his incredible young looks. To keep his body toned, he practices yoga, meditation, and hanging upside down 30 minutes a day which reduces his wrinkles and stops his skin from getting saggy. He claimed it also prevents his hair loss. In terms of diet, he still consumes full meals and also takes health supplements like vitamins and collagen pills.

He also feels young and continues to feel young, and probably will feel that way until his dying days. To him, age is just a number.

Image: Oddity Central

“Everyone will be old someday, there’s no way to avoid it, but if you feel old and are just waiting to die if you don’t want to learn or experience new things anymore, you really are old, no matter your age,” he said in an interview with Read01.

Image: Oddity Central

He also believes that there are three ages: the mental age, physiological age, and the physical stage. The physiological and physical age can be measured by medical instruments. According to him, his doctors said that he has a body and it functions like a 40-year-old person while his mental age is much younger.

“Regardless of what others say, I am 20-years-old. I can do what 20-year-old people can do,” he added.