7 Surprising Uses for Salt in Your Home… It’s Definitely Not Just for Cooking!

All homes have salt – and most of us only use it for cooking. I must admit I am one of those people who only use salt for cooking; thus, I was surprised to find out that this could also be used in 7 amazing ways to make our homes spic and span!

First, let me ask you, how do you use salt at home – that is, aside from cooking? Well, if you are like me, you’ve got to check out this cool video created by Household Hacker on YouTube. I bet you can learn tons from this video and get to apply them to your home.

Check out these cool tricks in this video:

So, how did you find this video? Those were quite incredible household hacks, right?

I’ve got to share this little secret with you, too: when cooking boiled eggs, add a pinch of salt into water so that the egg won’t spill out even if the shell gets cracked. Try it and be amazed!

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