7-Year-Old Athlete Stuns Internet with His 8-Pack Abs

In China, a young boy with 8-pack abs stunned the internet as people were amused with his toned and muscular body.

Chen-Yi, a seven and a half years old athlete has impressed the people with his abs which made them tag him as the ‘ultimate muscle boy’.  Despite his young age, he was already recognized as a topnotch athlete.

Last July 2, the young athlete brought home six gold medals and one silver medal which he won in a gymnastic game in Hangzhou, the regional capital of Zhejiang.   The game was participated by around 50 young athletes and was a part of the 19th Hangzhou City Sports Games.

Photo : Shanghaiist

After the competition, onlookers and journalists flocked around him as they were able to spot Chen-Yi’s muscular body while he was changing to his daily clothes.  They took photos of him and posted on social media which earned wows and admiration.

Photo : Shanghaiist

The said competition was the first time Chen-Yi had joined. His mother, Zhang Hongyu said, though it was her son’s first, she was greatly pleased with the results.

Photo : Shanghaiist

According to Chen-Yi’s mother, her son was seen to be strong since birth.  He weighed nearly nine pounds and started walking when he reached nine months old.  She recalled the time when Chen-Yi turned two, he was able to hold his feeding bottle with one hand and could pull his own body in a horizontal bar with his other hand. She also shared that her son can eat more than a dozen of dumplings in just one sitting.

This muscled young boy underwent extensive training since he was 5 years old when recruited by the local gymnastic school and lives in his school on weekdays and goes home during weekends to be with his family.

Photo: Shanghaiist