7-Year-Old Boy Hailed a Hero after Saving Unsupervised Toddler Drowning in Community Pool

A 2-year-old child had wandered out of his apartment and had gone to the community swimming pool in the Village at Rivers Edge in West Valley City, Utah, but because he could not swim, he would eventually end up face down and drowning – and he could have died if 7-year-old Cesar Galeana did not come along at just the right moment.

Cesar was walking towards his cousin’s home a few apartments away from his own home when he passed by the community pool. He heard a splashing noise from the pool area and was shocked to see the younger kid already face down and trying his best to stay afloat – and there was no one else around to help.

Without second thoughts, Cesar climbed up the fence and rescued the child before running towards the community office to ask for help. The staff called 911 and medics soon arrived to perform CPR on the child. Cesar stayed to watch the medics revive the younger boy; the child was taken to the hospital and was last reported to be on his way to a full recovery.

A review of the CCTV footage showed that the child was able to push the gate just enough to get inside and had been playing in the shallow part of the pool for around 10 minutes when he accidentally went too far and wasn’t able to get back to the shallow area. The child had been drowning at the deeper area for some 4 minutes when Cesar saved him.

It was surely a good thing that Cesar happened to pass by at the right moment or that boy would have died!

Source :

SF Globe

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