7-Year-Old Girl Raped and Killed on New Year’s Eve, Body Discovered in Swamp

On New Year’s Eve, the people in a village in Basay, Negros Oriental were having fun partying and enjoying games at the ‘palaro’ but little did they know that the celebration would turn into grieving the following day because a 7-year-old girl was raped and killed – and her body was thrown in the swamp!

While everyone else was having fun in the village party, the 19-year-old suspect was also busy giving out candies to the kids, wrote netizen Jonalyn Estrabela (the child’s neighbor) in a now deleted Facebook post.

Photo credit: Vicky Rafols Villamor / Facebook

According to Estrabela, she felt uneasy watching the young man giving candies to the kids but thought nothing about it because she was busy preparing for media noche and had to bring her own kids and siblings to the church for the New Year’s eve mass.

At 10PM, one of the victim’s siblings went to Estrabela’s house to ask whether his sister was there but the girl was nowhere to be found. Estrabela and the rest of the villagers were shocked to wake up to news that a girl’s body was found in the swamp early the following morning.

Photo credit: aVicky Rafols Villamor / Facebook

Someone had spotted Jomar Villamater y Juarez at the scene, seemingly dragging something from the swamp. He ran away when people arrived but he was identified and later caught.

According to Estrabela, she had noticed Villamater having a drink with the child’s father while the girl’s siblings were looking for her; thus, it could be possible that he had already carried out the gruesome deed by then and had gone back to the party so people will see him there but he did not think that someone would see him at the scene of the crime.

Photo credit: Vicky Rafols Villamor / Facebook

Other witnesses have surfaced, saying they saw him pulling the girl towards the swamp area.

A post mortem examination will be conducted on the victim to determine the exact cause of her *****. Meanwhile, Villamater is facing **** and homicide charges; he’s currently detained at Basay Police Station.

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