7-Year-Old Girl Runs Away from Home, Manages to Board Train and Airplane with No Tickets

Swiss authorities were alarmed to learn that a 7-year-old girl managed to board a train, then an airplane even without a ticket! They are now reviewing security protocols to ensure this does not happen again.

The girl was not named for security reasons, especially because she’s a minor, but Swiss cops have confirmed reports that they were tracking a 7-year-old girl who ran away from her parents near Geneva’s central railway station.

She gave her parents the slip at the station; at first, it was believed that she was lost but CCTV footage proved she was keen on trying to pretend she’s with the adults boarding the train and later the plane. This was the main reason why she was able to board even if she had no tickets.

Her parents quickly rang Swiss police when they noticed she was gone. The cops were quite amazed but also alarmed at her progress.

She actually went through the usual security gates but managed to pass herself off as the child of the adults around her; thus, no one questioned why she was there and boarding the train.

But things weren’t as easy when she tried to board the plane. At first, the crew turned her away as she didn’t have a boarding pass but before they could report her, she managed to melt with the crowd. Her small stature made it easy for her to do so.

The second time she tried to board a plane, she managed to do so but was later spotted by an official who escorted her off the aircraft and reported the matter to the police.

Airport spokesman Bertrand Staempfli refused to reveal the name of the airline involved in the incident or where the girl was trying to go but she was headed to a location in France.

According to Staempfli, the airport will implement stricter measures to ensure this does not happen again. It was just a good thing the girl was spotted before she could leave the airport on that plane! Whew.