70-Year-Old Italian Guy Continues to Go to School, Now has 15 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees!

He’s already 70 years old but one Italian guy’s quest for knowledge hasn’t ended – and he continues to go to school and earn a degree despite being official retired and having a total of fifteen bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various fields of study!

At 70, Luciano Baietti enjoys retirement yet he still manages to juggle time for a full-time day job, hours volunteering at Italy’s Red Cross, going to school, and puttering around the house he shares with his wife in Velletri, Alban Hills in Italy.

To make sure he has ample time for learning his lessons, Baietti wakes up each day at 3AM to study and pore over his textbooks.

Back in 2002, while he was still headmaster at a secondary school, he was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the person with the most number of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the world.

At the time, he had eight degrees to his name, the first of which was in physical education. He also holds a degree in political science, philosophy, law, sociology, and literature.

Photo credit: AFP / El Comercio

But Baietti did not stop studying after getting the world record. He continued to study and has added seven more degrees to his 2002 list – and the number keeps growing because he’s on to his sixteenth degree, food science.

While most of his educational degrees were achieved at one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, La Sapienza University in Rome, he also got some from online universities.

For instance, he got his tourism degree from an online university in Naples while his degree in military strategies, something that he reveals to be the ‘most difficult’ he’s ever encountered, was received from a distance-learning school from Turin.

As for the course with the most lasting impact on his being, Baietti says it was his master’s degree in criminology because he had to interview prisoners and learned a lot of insights from them.

He mused, “Listening to them, I sometimes surprised myself; I’d be convinced by their arguments, and would wonder about what was right or wrong — before realizing that I had gone off course.

Baietti’s thirst for knowledge hasn’t ended – and even to this day, he continues to wake up at 3 AM to continue studying his textbooks and earning his latest degree!

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