$730 for a School Uniform Designed by Armani, Anyone?

An elementary school in Tokyo, Japan’s Ginza district is set to introduce a new set of uniform which will cost around ¥80,000 ($736) this coming spring.

The said uniform set, supposed to be worn by all students of Taimei Elementary School, is composed of a jacket, pants or skirts, shirt or blouse, and a hat with some of the items designed by the Italian luxury brand, Armani.

All these items are priced at ¥45,000 ($414) but additional accessories such as a sweater and other items increase its price to ¥80,000 ($736).

Image from Pixabay

Students from schools that do not have a prescribed uniform are recommended to wear voluntary ones which are called hyojunfuku, or standard clothing. Taimei Elementary School is among these schools and majority of its students opted to wear the standard clothing previously priced at less than ¥20,000 ($180).

Parents and guardians were already informed of the coming changes in the uniform late last year through a document authorized by Principal Toshitgu Wada. According to his explanation, the said new set of uniform is more befitting of a school in Ginza.

However, students’ parents and guardians are more concerned that the high cost of the uniform would only give them additional financial burden.