8-Year-Old Boy Learns How to Drive from YouTube, Takes 4-Year-Old Sister to McDonald’s in Dad’s Work Truck

They say that you can learn virtually anything from the internet but we were shocked to discover that an 8-year-old boy in Ohio had learned how to drive from YouTube – and took his 4-year-old sister to McDonald’s in their dad’s work truck!

The kids admitted that they waited for their mom to fall asleep before grabbing their piggy bank and the keys to dad’s work truck. The two headed out to the nearest McDonald’s drive-thru located about a mile away.

After ordering some cheeseburgers, the boy handed the McDonald’s employee the piggy bank. The employee got suspicious and checked the car – imagine her shock to see that the kids were by themselves. The concerned employee immediately called 911.

Seeing cops approaching the vehicle, the boy began crying as he realized that he was in big trouble over what he did. He truthfully told the cops that he learned how to drive through YouTube videos and that they had only gone to the McDonald’s drive-thru for some cheeseburgers.

The cops were able to establish that the kids weren’t neglected at home as they actually had full meals for the day but they really just wanted some cheeseburgers! So, the McDonald’s staff obliged and gave them a free meal of cheeseburger and fries while they waited for their grandparents to pick them up.

According to Officer Jacob Koehler, the boy drove over railroad tracks and a total of four intersections before reaching the McDonald’s! Witnesses later told the surprised cops that they have seen the children in the truck and that the boy actually obeyed traffic rules and kept within the speed limit. But they were as shocked to learn that there were no adults in the vehicle.

These kids must really love cheeseburgers so much to sneak out that way – but we’re more amazed by the fact that the boy learned how to drive and was actually able to fully operate a real vehicle for over a mile and across four intersections, without experiencing any trouble at all! Whew!

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