8-Year-Old Boy Saves 11-Month-Old Sister from House Fire

As a raging fire engulfed their home in Dummer, New Hampshire, 8-year-old Harrison Holt helped ensure that his 11-month-old sister is safe and away from harm.

Their father John Holt recalls how the events of that fateful day unfolded. He just finished mowing their lawn and put the lawnmower in the family’s barn. After a few minutes had passed, he noticed smoke coming from the room connecting the barn to their house.

Image from New Hampshire Union Leader

It was then that the father ran out and grabbed the fire extinguisher. He had a hard time putting out the fire, so he told his children to get out of the house and to call 911.

As he attempted to put off the fire, he noticed his son, Harrison, calmly waiting in the family designated emergency meeting spot while talking to a 911 dispatcher, and at the same time, safely clutching his baby sister using his other hand.

Because of his presence of mind and heroic deed, Harrison was named as an honorary member of the Milan-Dummer Fire Department. The honor was bestowed by none other than Fire Chief Bud Chapman who also gave him a real firefighter badge that will be engraved with Harrison’s name.

Source: Today