8-Year-Old Boy Saves Father’s Life; Got Help from ‘Angels’

Stephen Parker was doing some car repairs together with his sons, 17-year-old Mason and 8-year-old J.T. in their home in Sugar City, Idaho when the car fell on him as he went to adjust the axles of the jack after they pulled the engine out of the car.

At that time, his 17-year-old son, Mason, went inside the house and only 8-year J.T. was left with Stephen.

He yelled at J.T. to jack up the car, though he was in doubt whether he can do it since it took him and Mason to jack it up the first time. By the way, J.T. only weighs 50 pounds.

J.T. gathered all his energy, and coupled with courage, he jumped up and down on the jack’s handle to raise the car off of his father.

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After 15 minutes, the car slowly rose and when it was completely lifted from Stephen’s body, J.T. ran to his brother inside the house and called 911.

A helicopter brought Stephen to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and found to have 13 broken ribs and no internal damage. He went home two days after the accident.

Stephen believes that it was a miracle when J.T. was able to lift the car off of his body. Once he was already feeling alright, he asked J.T. again to jack the car up again. But J.T. was unable to do it this time.

When asked how he was able to rescue his father, J.T. said that he got help from “angels”.

We believe my grandpa, who passed on, and my sister who died were helping him,” Stephen told EastIdahoNews.com.

J.T. received an award from the American Red Cross of Greater Idaho with “East Idaho Real Heroes” award for 2017, together with 11 others.

His mother, Jodi, said “This whole thing is a miracle. There’s no other way to describe it. There’s no way that little boy could have done that. I just felt that it was a responsibility we now have to tell people that miracles still exist.