8-Year-Old Genius Kid Completes High School in Just 18 Months, Heads Off to College

With an IQ of 145, Laurent Simons is certainly a cut above the rest – and he’s so brilliant that at the tender age of 8, he is already off to college! Wow! Can you believe that?

Laurent, who hails from Belgium, was more interested in studying and learning new things instead of liking toys like kids his age.

Photo credit: AD / Today

As young as he is now, he already studies advanced subjects that many college students don’t even want to have in school! His favorite subject is Math.

When asked why he likes Math, he said, “Because it’s so vast, there’s statistics, geometry, algebra.” Many people hate Math but this boy eats Calculus for breakfast! LOL.

Photo credit: VRT

This kid is really smart. In fact, he’s so intelligent that instead of completing high school in 6 years, he did it in just 18 months! As he graduated from high school, he accepted his diploma alongside 18-year-old kids who were surely rather amused to be graduating with such a young kid!

Laurent first wanted to be either a surgeon or an astronaut back when he was younger but now that he’s about to pick a course in college, he decided to choose one that involves computers.

Photo credit: kokolife / World of Buzz

But no matter what course he plans to take when he finally enrolls when the term starts after the summer break, his parents are willing to support him all the way.

If he decided tomorrow to become a carpenter, that would not be a problem for us, as long as he is happy,” his father told reporters.

Photo credit: kokolife / World of Buzz

Considering how swiftly he went through high school, this kid just might finish college much faster than regular students as well. Graduating from college at age 10? That’s not impossible for Laurent! But we’re not sure whether companies would hire him yet but he could always build his own empire, yes?

Sources: World of Buzz, Metro UK