8-Year-Old Girl Delivered Her Mom’s Baby, Thought it was an Alien

Pregnant mothers have 9 months to prepare for the birth of their child. They prepare birth plans, undergo birthing classes, discuss these plans with their husbands or close relatives who will assist her during labor, so on and so forth. However, unborn babies have plans of their own, regardless whether their mothers have an entirely different plan on how they are going to let the babies out.

Chantelle Edmund, a pregnant mom from the Huddersfield, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, has a carefully laid out plan on how she will give birth to her then unborn baby, Eva Rai. She will have her mother assist her during a planned water birth at HRI.

However, two weeks before the expected date of her delivery, Chantelle started having contractions one evening and she called on to her eight-year-old daughter Keira-Jade and her nine-year-old niece Ellie-Main who were watching a movie at that time.

The two girls calmly brought towels and water to Chantelle. After some minutes and with the help from the two girls, baby Eva Rai arrived.

Mortified at what she saw, Keira-Jade called the ambulance and told call handlers that her mom had just given birth to an alien on the floor. Cousin Ellie-Main corrected her by saying that it is not an alien, but a frog.

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Just before the paramedics arrived, Chantelle’s mom Susan and her sister Serrina came and assisted her. Serrina cut Eva Rai’s umbilical cord. The new mother and daughter were brought to Calderdale Royal Hospital to undergo a medical check-up.

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