8-Year-Old Kid Trains for 4.5 Hours Everyday to Imitate Bruce Lee

While most 8-year-old kids spend time enjoying their youth, Ryusei “Ryuji” Imai dedicates his life to imitating martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.

He trains for four and a half hours every day and amazingly, he already acquired a similar physique to that of his idol.

According to Ryusei’s father, he started watching Bruce Lee movies since he was 1 year old and from then, he started imitating scenes from his movie. After a year, he already mastered the nunchaku scene from a popular movie and was appearing on international TV shows.

Image by ryuseiimai0416 via Instagram

Ryusei usually gets up at 6 am and trains for an hour and a half every morning before going to school. As soon as he returns, he trains for another hour; then spends another 2 hours training his kicks and nunchaku routines. All in all, that’s 4.5 hours of training every day.

Image by ryuseiimai0416 via Instagram

He went viral 3 years ago when a video of him imitating perfectly Bruce’s Lee nunchaku routine from the 1972 movie went viral on social media. Since then, he was mentioned by some media outlets and gained thousands of online followers. He also made an appearance on children’s talent TV show, Super kids.

Though he’s rising to fame, he still continues training and maintain his physique and imitating even more of Bruce Lee’s famous martial arts scenes.

Image by ryuseiimai0416 via Instagram

His father regularly uploads videos and images of him working out and imitating his idol to his social media accounts. He currently has over 290,000 followers on Facebook and around 33,000 followers on Instagram.

Image by ryuseiimai0416 via Instagram

His incredible dedication made some netizens concerned that his actions might be too young for his age but the father claims that this is what his son wants and he is the one who wants to train hard to be like Bruce Lee.

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