88-Year-Old Grandma Stopped Would-Be Rapist on Her Own

Nothing ever hinders a crime to be committed. Not even if the victim is an almost 90-year-old lady.

Helen Reynolds is a resident of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. On the first week of March, an intruder posing as an apartment complex worker was able to get inside her home and tied her up using duct tape. It was wrapped around Reynolds’ face, nose, eyeglasses, and around her mouth.

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The intruder ransacked her bag and took $40. Reynolds’ thought that the intruder was done until he tried to sexually assault her.

She fought the intruder by kicking him in his privates, to no avail. When she can’t stop him, she resorted to what she thought can be her final offense.

Reynolds told the attacker, “Well, it’s like this. You might as well know the truth. I have HIV and my husband died from it.

What Reynolds said was, of course, a lie but it did seem to work as the intruder just went out of her room after hearing what she said.

I have nothing good to say about him,” Reynold said about her attacker. “Nothing at all. Put him in jail and leave the sucker there.

No one has been ******** yet nor is suspected in relation with the intrusion on Reynolds’ home. However, police said that there has been a similar attack on the nearby East Brandywine Township and somebody was ******** for that felony.

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