9-Year-Old Indian Boy’s Body Can Allegedly Light an LED Bulb

Abu Thahir, 9, from Kerala, Indian made headlines after several videos of him lighting rechargeable LED bulbs up just by touching its electrical contact with any of his body part went viral on social media.

He discovered his unusual ability recently while heading home with his father after buying a rechargable LED light bulb. When Nizar, his father, pased the light bulb to Thahir, it just lit up in his hand. At first, he thought that it was just a prank but then he noticed that the bulb lights up whenever the electrical contact touches any part of his son’s body.

Image: World of Buzz

His aunt was so impressed with his ability so she decided to film him while doing his ‘trick’ and posted it on social media. Surprisingly, the video went viral and the family started receiving calls from different reporters asking him to be inteviewed.

Some people speculate that the videos were fake since none of the photos show the boy’s entire body so they are assuming that there is a low electrical current that enters his body and he only acts like a conductor.

Image: World of Buzz

Expert Joshy K Kuriakose said in an interview with Manorama Online said that this unusual ability is possible due to high salt content on the boy’s body.

People who sweat more usually have a high salt content in their body. If the level is unusually high. The salt content increases the skin’s conductivity. This could explain why an LED bulbs lights up when pressed against Thahir’s body,” he said.

But Thahir can only light rechargeable LED bulbs. If he presses the two contacts on the bottom long enough, allegedly, his body will begin to heat up.