90-Year-Old WW2 Veteran Gets Evicted from His Home… Until Strangers Stepped in and Returned it to Him!

Veteran Johnnie Hodges Sr. from Buffalo, NY fought many valiant battles in World War II yet those, apparently, meant nothing to the bank because he was forcibly evicted from his home after failing to pay for the mortgage because of his and his wife’s failing health.

The police arrived at his home to evict him. Although he told the officers to handcuff him, they refused to do so. Instead, they placed him on a stretcher and brought him out of the house. Then, his belongings were placed in a small moving truck.

Photo credit: Twitter/Derek Gee Photos
Photo credit: Twitter/Derek Gee Photos

He told local newspapers how he tried his best to pay for the mortgage, even working as a bus driver but when he turned 85, he was forced to retire due to his failing health. His wife’s Alzheimer’s disease also required a significant portion of their money, forcing the two to fall behind on their mortgage payment. It was after his wife died that he was evicted from his home.

After hearing his story, Greg Elwood of nearby Williamsville, NY launched a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising $50,000 to help the veteran buy back his home. Touched by this brave man’s story, the community quickly responded. Within weeks, over $110,000 was raised – an amount that is more than enough to buy back Hodges’ home!

Hodges is glad to be home again Photo credit: Buffalo News
Hodges is glad to be home again
Photo credit: Buffalo News

Ecstatic about being able to live in his home again, Hodges said, “I feel really good about the donations that everybody gave. I’m always happy when I’m in my home. I walk around, sit on my porch when it’s a nice day and I enjoy the nice weather and my friends will come by…there’s no place like home.