93-Year-Old Woman Attends Own ‘Wake’, Explains She Didn’t Want to Miss the Party

Everyone knows that ***** is inevitable. It will happen to all of us sooner or later; we all hope that it’s later, of course.

While ***** is the end of everything, it is also often at this point in time that people celebrate the **** person’s life, recalling the good (sometimes the bad) and hilarious experiences they’ve had with this person.

Of course, it’s sad that the **** person could no longer hear the good things these people are saying about his/her life and also miss the subsequent ‘party’ that some do to celebrate the life of their departed loved one.

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For this reason, 93-year-old Ethel Leather decided to attend her own ‘wake’. As weird as that might sound, it was actually a cool idea!

After all, at her age, she knows that ***** would come rather sooner than later but she’s already had a great time living her life that she didn’t want to miss the party her children and grand-children are likely to throw for her funeral.

I was just talking about her own funeral and what I’d got arranged for afterwards and she got so excited about it. ‘I said ‘would you like to come?’ and we just laughed about it and it’s gone on from there,” explained Ethel’s daughter, Pauline Neal.

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She added that they had not really intended to throw a premature wake but Ethel was so excited about it that they decided to push through with the idea.

The event was done at a local pub in Derby, England where Ethel lives. Her friends and family attended the unique event, with Ethel enjoying the moment and having fun laughing along with their eulogies and hilarious anecdotes about her.

But there was a rather somber moment when she asked for her favorite song to be played, “When I Leave This World Behind” by Al Jolson. It hit too close to home but Ethel shrugged it off, explaining, “It’s my favorite song.

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The event was mostly fun and laughter – and Ethel had a really good time. After all, it’s not every day that you get to hear what people would actually say during your funeral.

Of course, this funky old lady won’t be there to attend the real wake but it’s great to hear she had fun at the ‘practice’ event.

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