96-year-old woman is fulfilling her dream of going to high school

  • Guadalupe Palacios, 96, is fulfilling her lifelong dream of going to high school
  • She is looking forward to being a kindergarten teacher someday


Image capture of video via Diez Noticias YouTube account

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…”

A 96-year-old woman from Mexico is now fulfilling her lifelong dream of going to high school in Tuxtla Gutierrex.

Guadalupe Palacios grew up in poverty in an indigenous village and spent her childhood helping out on her family farm instead of sitting in a classroom, as per a story by AFP.

Palacios, who is a mother of six, just recently learned to read and write when she was 92 after she enrolled in a literacy program.

Why did she want to learn to read and write at this late stage of her life?

“Now I can write letters to my boyfriends,” she reportedly said with a laugh.

Palacios, who is seeking to live out her dream of finishing high school by her 100th birthday, is also the most enthusiastic student in the classroom.

“I feel ready to give it my all. Today is a marvelous day,” she said Monday on her first day of high school in the southern state of Chiapas.

Already, she is looking beyond high school. She would like to be a kindergarten teacher someday and we could only wish and pray that she achieve her dream.