A Boy Saves a Girl from Drowning. What He Learned Would Last a Lifetime…

Thousands of people – young and old alike – die each year because of drowning. Many drown even during happy occasions and vacations while at the beach or in swimming pools, mostly because they do not known how to swim. Of course, there are also those who knew how to swim yet circumstances prevented them from saving their own lives, such as raging currents in a flood or the super strong current of a riptide!

Therefore, aside from teaching people how to swim, it is also important to teach them other skills such as how to save drowning people and apply first aid, especially CPR.

In the video created and shared by SCOUTS South Africa on YouTube, a young boy was filmed saving a young girl from drowning at sea. Yet what makes the message more poignant is that the boy suddenly becomes a man at the end of the clip, signifying that what he learned as a young kid lasts a lifetime and he was able to use it to save his own daughter.

It is never too late to learn something new – and it would be great if that something would save another person’s life, right?

Check out this touching video and tell us what you think: