A Christmas Video: What’s your Reason for Celebrating the Season?

Whenever you buy gifts for your loved ones, how do you choose which ones to pick? Have you ever thought about the first Christmas and how it was devoid of material gifts?

Many of us get caught up with the holiday rush, forgetting how the first Christmas was quite simple. It did not involve any gifts, whether bought at the mall or from an online store. Of course, there weren’t malls back in those days but the point shared by the video is that there is no need to buy material things to enjoy the Christmas season.

This can be a matter of debate, of course, because many Christians would argue that they are only celebrating Jesus’ birthday so there is nothing wrong with buying material gifts. That is true, of course, but the video hopes that people don’t get too caught up with the commercialized, material aspects while forgetting that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Jesus should be the reason for celebrate the season.