A Company in Malaysia Sends Customized Potatoes to Anyone Celebrating Single’s Day

November 11 or 11/11 is fast approaching which means to say that Single’s Day will be celebrated by the Chinese community.

Aside from celebrating the lives of the people who fly solo, it is also a biggest online shopping day in the world, featuring world famous brands like Alibaba and Taobao that constantly join this massive sale.

Image: World of Buzz

One site from Malaysia is willing to send customized potatoes to anyone. Kravve.co and their creative team can put your crush’s face or a customized message on each potato you wish to send to anyone. You can also choose to send it to yourself #foreveralone and to your single friends to prank them.

One funny option if you wish to order is when you cannot think of a person’s face to be put on the potato, you can let the Kravve team decide. Be surprised!

Image: World of Buzz

Kravve.co ‘s funny potato idea is made-to-order that costs RM11.11 (around $2)  with free delivery – how affordable is that? You may start ordering as early as now; they will only accept orders until November 11, 2017.

The best thing about this is that you can remain anonymous when sending. Whether you’ll be sending a lovely message to brighten up someone’s day or a nasty one to ruin their day, you can opt not to reveal your identity to the receiver.