A Customer Complains about Her Stale Cupcakes…But Store Owner was Soon Crying with Joy!

It had been a really tough year for Sharon. Her brother died early in the year, her son was suffering from a debilitating disease, and there have been numerous challenges along the way.

The owner of Mrs. C’s cupcakes, in Penrith, New South Wales in Australia, it seems she was about to handle another challenge when a customer comes in to complain about buying stale cupcakes from her.

The overworked mom knew she never sold stale cupcakes to her customers but she was ready to replace the batch with new cupcakes just to keep her customer happy. The customer then called her boss, who turns out to be Jackie O, a DJ on a popular local radio station, KIIS 1065.

Sharon actually recognizes the DJ and attempts to appease the customer with a new batch of cupcakes to replace the stale ones. But when she opens the box of stale cupcakes, she was surprised! Sharon was soon crying with joy at such a wonderful gift the DJ brought.

Check out the video to find out what it was: