A Father’s Unconditional Love: Dad’s Amazing Dedication after Runaway Son Meets Accident

It is said that a son only fully understands his father when he has a son of his own – yet this could also be applicable to situations wherein the son is in deep trouble and only dad has the power to pull him out.

An excellent example can be found in the video below wherein a rebellious son runs away from home, believing his dad was too strict and he is now independent that he could stand on his own feet, without dad’s help.

But as fate would have it, the runaway son meets an accident which almost cost him his life. Unable to walk, he finally came to a realization that his dad was right all along.

His dad was a great man, however, and did not rub salt on his wounds. Instead, the old man would carry him to the park and teach him to walk – in the same way the dad taught him to walk as a child.

Watch this dad’s amazing dedication in this wonderful video: