A Filipino Designed This Stairway that Never Ends

I think you would agree with me that there are lots of Filipinos with brilliant minds. One of these guys designed a stairway that defies all logic and laws of Physics. But is for real or just a hoax?

This amazing work of art and engineering leaves everyone stunned – because it seems to never end!

If you begin walking up the stairs, you will actually end up right where you started. Uhmmm. Sounds crazy, right?

Well, you can actually find many of these impossible 3D illusions on paper and made on the web but only a few have ever been created in the real world – because these just defy the laws of Physics. After all, if you go up, how can you go down unless you walk down, right? Yep, that sounds crazy, too.

This stairway is the masterpiece of Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda who created the engineering wonder back in 1968. However, if you want to walk on the never-ending stairs, you have to fly all the way to Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. But if you live close by or planning to visit the Big Apple, drop by the institute for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of walking on a never-ending stairway.

Watch the crazily awesome video here of people trying out these puzzling stairs:

There were, however, several claims that the video was merely a hoax. There were lots of explanations put forth to ‘explain’ how the architect was able to achieve the stairs yet engineers also debunked these claims.

So, the biggest question here is whether this stairway is for real…I think I might have to book a flight to New York to find out!