A Giant Tortoise Discovered in the Amazon? It’s Bigger Than a Car!

The Amazon region is one of the few places on Earth that are left mostly unexplored and untouched by humans – and it is home to many legends and stories made by people who really have no knowledge of the real happenings inside this virgin destination.

But do we really have to believe many of these legends or take photos and videos of incredible creatures at face value? Well, the answer is “no”, of course.

For example, there’s this photo of a giant tortoise circulating on the web. This tortoise was said to be around 529 years old at the time of the discovery and has been living in the Amazon for all of its years – this is supposed to be the reason why no one discovered it until now.

So, is this creature for real? Hmmmm. Just like the T-Rex tied up on a trailer or the scary mermaid that washed up to shore some years ago, this giant tortoise was later revealed to be nothing more than a realistic model created for Japanese movie, Gamera the Brave.

A lot of people believed this creature was real when it was first revealed to the public, mostly because they threw in the word “Amazon” in the description. Unfortunately for us, it was just another fake creature. It would have been awesome if this tortoise was real, right?

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