A Group of People in Houston Makes Human Chain to Save an Elderly Man Inside Submerged Car

Hurricane Harvey raged full swing in Texas. Houston’s roadS became more dangerous than the usual. One old man was trapped inside his own car and a group of at least one-dozen people in Houston formed a human chain to rescue the man from the floodwaters and a man lay on top of the car and the group pulled the elderly man out through the driver’s side door and carried him to safety.

Image from Bored Panda

This incredible moment was captured by Stephanie Mata who captured the amazing moment in a video and uploaded it on her Facebook account, which garnered over 28,900 views as of press time. She was driving on the non-flooded part of the road when she noticed a group of people gathering near a truck with a man inside that was caught in the water.

Luckily, the man was successfully rescued, however; the man’s identity and current condition remain unknown.

This amazing rescue gained the #HopeForHouston hashtag on Twitter.

The floodwater that Tropical Storm Harvey gave has completely flooded the Houston area. As of Wednesday night, the total number of fatalities reached 38 and over 8,500 people have been rescued and brought back to safety by emergency personnel and volunteers.

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott at a press briefing, there were over 32,000 people currently residing at over 230 temporary shelters all around Texas.

Thankfully, the rain already stopped and the water is expected to go down in a few days.