A Little Girl Meets This Young Man While Shopping… The Next Moments were Quite Surprising

These days, it is hard to trust strangers because you will never know what will happen even during a chance encounter at a public place. But this story shared by SF Globe is something that would surely bring a smile to your face and restore your faith in humanity.

Megan Shufflebarger and her daughter Kinley were at a Target store shopping for stuff for the child’s upcoming birthday, they met a young couple in one of the aisles for kids’ toys. While Kinley was running up and down the aisle admiring the dolls and cute stuff, the young man bent down and asked her which of the dolls she would like to have.

Kinley swiftly got the one she wanted even if she did not know this young man but after she gave it to him, the guy disappeared with his partner. Megan thought it was kind of weird and Kinley got puzzled to, asking her mommy why her doll disappeared.

A few minutes later, the couple came back with huge smiles and Kinley’s doll in a plastic bag, with a receipt! “Happy birthday!” the guy told the surprised Kinley.

She posted the story on Instagram, thanking the generous young man whose name she was not able to ask in her excitement. The story quickly went viral and the young man was identified. He turned out to be Tario Fuller II, a member of the Purdue football team, the Purdue Boilermakers football team who represents Purdue University in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision of college football!

My heart is about to explode. We were in target tonight and this younger couple was walking thru the toy aisles…

Posted by Megan Shufflebarger on Thursday, October 22, 2015

What a wonderful young man!

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SF Globe

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