A Mysterious Voice Tells Cop to Put on Vest. The Next Moments Were Terrifying…

An off-duty cop who was still wearing his uniform was sitting in his car but had taken off his bulletproof vest due to the hot weather. Everything was quiet around him and he was alone, save for the four guys walking down the street. Although the guys did not look suspicious, the hairs at the back of his neck stood.

Out of the blue, he heard a voice tell him to put on his vest. Alone and with no idea where the voice came from, he quickly followed the instruction and wore the vest. It was a good thing he did because it was probably the only reason why he lived to tell the tale of what transpired afterwards.

Without warning or provocation, the four guys shot him. Although he sustained a bullet wound on the chest, he was able to fight back and chase his attackers enough to find more details about them. This proved to be helpful in the case the four are currently facing; though the officer is not allowed to reveal these details as the case is still on-going.

The incident happened in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, MO. According to the officer who requested anonymity in his interview with USA Today, he believes those men targeted him because of his uniform. While down, he prayed for peace of mind to stay alive; thankfully, that is exactly what happened. Back up arrived and he was brought to the hospital. He believes the mysterious voice who told him to put on his vest was God.

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