A Newborn Pitbull was Rejected by Its Mother…It Gets Adopted by a Very Unlikely Creature

When a newborn pitbull was rejected by its mother, it was taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League. It was clear that the puppy will not survive without any intervention from the staff.

Now, at the time the puppy was brought in, a cat had given birth just a few days before. After some deliberation, the staff decided to introduce the newborn puppy to the mommy cat.

It surprised everyone how the mother simply sniffed a couple of times before beginning to lick the puppy and allowing it to nurse!

The staff at the animal shelter knew the dog needed more nourishment than the cat can provide, so they are also bottle-feeding the puppy.

Watch how its new ‘mommy’ cat reacts to the bottle-feeding sessions in the heartwarming video below: