A Pride’s Dramatic Rescue of a Cub Trapped on a Cliff, You won’t Believe this

Like people, animals also form their own social systems and even help one another in times of need. One photographer managed to capture a heart-warming example of such an event of a pride rescuing a cub trapped on a cliff.

The cub’s mother risked her own life by going down the cliff so as to prevent the little one from falling deeper into the plunging ravine.

This is testament of how motherly love can be such a wonderful thing – whether in people or in animals like a pride of lions.

Photo credit: Jean-Francois Largot

While playing right by the cliff, a cub fell off the steep cliff and was in danger of falling deeper into the ravine, since the ground was not stable and the earth was soft where it had fallen. It cried out for help for his mommy who was luckily right by the cliff when the accident happened.

Photo credit: Jean-Francois Largot

Several lions from the pride immediately heard the little one’s cries and scrambled to the edge to find the cub. The big cats, however, appeared to have a hard time deciding how to go with the rescue.

Photo credit: Jean-Francois Largot

The cub’s mother, knowing that time is of the essence, as the cub could be in greater danger if it falls further, scrambled down the steep cliff to rescue her young. She didn’t mind the possible danger to herself, it was the little one’s safety that was at stake.

Photo credit: Jean-Francois Largot

Thankfully, the lioness managed to grab her cub and bring her back to safety. Motherly and survival instincts pushed her to crawl her way up the cliff, to safety.

Photo credit: Jean-Francois Largot

After the dramatic rescue, there was no barrage of angry scolding for the cub. Instead, the lioness showered it with kisses and licks to clean off the dirt from its body as a testament of her love.

The event simply reminds us how beautiful motherly love can be – and how punishment may not be needed at all times, even when the little ones pushes us beyond our limits.