A Taco Shop was Robbed… What They Did with the CCTV Footage is Pure Genius!

Instead of moping over the lost cash registers the thieves have managed to steal from the store, Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos in Las Vegas did something that is just pure genius: they used the CCTV footage to create an ad!

It was a hilarious ad that featured the thieves, described as the guys who loved the tacos at the restaurant so much that they were willing to do anything to get some even if the store was already closed!

Inside the shop, it was a frantic search for tacos (money, of course, but it was more hilarious when put this way). Since they were not able to get some, they decided to take the cash register with them.

The video went viral, registering over 4 million views within days after it was posted. Many people had a good laugh at the expense of the criminals, with many commenting that the thieves are stupid to not know that 1) most establishments these days have CCTV and 2) the cash registers are emptied of cash at the end of the day. Oh well…

Check out this hilarious footage:

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