A Traffic Officer in Germany Just Issued a Parking to a Warped Car, Not Knowing it was an Art Piece for the City’s Anniversary!

Most of us know that negotiating with traffic wardens is hopelessly futile. What more of arguing that a vehicle in question is actually an artwork that can’t be moved because it’s wheels are attached to a building wouldn’t have made a difference.

Take for instance a German traffic warden, who clearly wasn’t too impressed by contemporary art and has issued a parking ticket to what looked like an illegally-parked car in the city of Karlsruhe, not knowing that it was actually a piece of art meant for the city’s anniversary!

The weirdly bent truck was a creation by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm; it consists of a red Mercedes MB100D truck which curves up the wall of Karlsruhe’s Weinbrenner Haus. It was a public artwork built for the Center for Art and Media to celebrate the anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe.  The truck’s front wheels were fine, while the rear part is braced vertically against a wall that is, of course, a no-parking area. Thus, it received a 30-euro ticket that apparently is not part of the sculpture.

The artist, Erwin Wurm is famous for his humorous sculptural treatments of vehicles that are either stretched, inflated, twisted and formed into impossible shapes.  Obviously, the traffic warden clearly wasn’t impressed with his cultural commentary, and slapped his sculpture with a parking ticket.

Here’s the vehicle:

Photo credit: Collossal


Photo credit: Collossal
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