Abandoned 3-Day-Old Baby Found Covered with Red Ants Outside a House in Las Piñas

Netizens are angry at the heartless parents of a 3-day-old baby who abandoned her outside a house at the Bernabe Compound in Barangay Pulang Lupa, Las Piñas City in Metro Manila, Philippines shortly before New Year’s Day.

The baby was found by a young lad named Dave Batislao who heard her crying. The boy immediately took the baby and ran home to his mother, Amelia Catapang. The woman was shocked to see the baby covered in red ants.

Photo credit: 24 Oras Weekend / GMA News

She immediately bathed the crying child and reported the incident to the authorities. Catapang’s son led investigators to the house where he found the baby but the owner, Dolores Bajade, claimed she didn’t hear a crying baby outside her house and even revealed that they had plenty of dogs in the compound!

It was a good thing the dogs didn’t find the baby first or it might have been placed in more danger than just being bitten by red ants.

Because the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) office won’t open until January 3, the baby stayed with the Catapang family for a while. The excited ‘new mom’ named the child Decemaine – after her favorite actress Maine Mendoza and because the baby was found in December.

It is unknown whether the child will be registered using that name but the DSWD is still trying to find the child’s parents in hopes that they had a change of heart and will take the baby back.

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